121042882 Routing Number

121042882 Routing Number.

All available information about the routing number 121042882.

This routing number is assigned to Wells Fargo Bank Na. The 121042882 routing number is used to facilitate electronic transfers (ACH transfers) between bank accounts, and for automated electronic payments, like direct deposits and bill payments.

The 121042882 routing number is not used Fedwire Routing between banks.

Wells Fargo Bank uses many routing numbers, for different regions. Use the search function to find all routing numbers for Wells Fargo Bank.

121042882 Routing Number.

FedACH Routing

Name: Wells Fargo Bank
Mac N9301-041
Minneapolis, MN 55479
Type: Branch
Servicing Fed’s Main Office : 121000374, Po Box 291, Minneapolis, MN
Status: Active
Change Date: 01/21/2005

Fedwire Routing

Routing Number 121042882 is not used to process Fedwire Payments.

Please use the search function to find all ABA routing numbers for Wells Fargo Bank.

121042882 Routing Number
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