Routing Number

Routing Number.

All available information about the routing number .

This routing number is assigned to Navy Federal Credit Union. The  routing number is used for electronic transfers (ACH transfers) between bank accounts, and for automated electronic payments, like direct deposits and bill payments.

The routing number is also used for Fedwire Routing for larger transactions between banks and financial institutions.

Navy Federal Credit Union use only one ABA routing number for all regions.

Routing Number.

FedACH Routing

Name: Navy Federal Credit Union
820 Follin Lane
Vienna, VA 22180
Type: Main Office
Servicing Fed’s Main Office : 051000033, 1000 Peachtree St., N.E., Atlanta, GA
Status: Active
Change Date: 08/31/2009

Fedwire Routing

Name: Navy Federal Credit Union
Telegraphic Name: NAVY FCU WASH
Vienna, VA
Funds Transfer Status: Eligible
Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status: Eligible
Revision Date: 09/29/2014

For more information about the Navy Federal Credit Union wire transfer and check information, please see our Navy Federal Credit Union page.

Routing Number
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